Create a Jewellery Valuer Report

DiamondLink's exclusive automated valuation technology combines component cost calculations with an analysis of market sales data and trends, to create each report. Your report is then saved in 'My JVRs' and can be printed to store with your important documents.

Hint. The more information you provide, the more accurate your report will be.

Jewellery Item Information

Select the jewellery type from the list.
Select the closest sub-type from the list.
Choose where you are getting the description from. If none apply leave it blank.
This does not print on the final report as DiamondLink independently values the item.
Enter any descriptive detail that helps identify the item's overall design, layout, finish or size of the item.
Choose from the list the precious metal that the item is mostly made from, or if made from a single metal.
Choose from the list only if there is a second metal used for the setting or as a design contrast to the Primary metal.
Choose from the list provided, or the closest choice. Leave blank if you do not know or the option is not on the list.