About Us: What is DiamondLink?

A quick, user-friendly and cost-effective online tool that estimates the current replacement value of diamond jewellery in New Zealand – without the usual cost and time involved in sending jewellery for revaluation. In fact, the cost is usually around half that of a traditional valuation.

Using information about the thousands of variables that affect its value, DiamondLink accurately and independently estimates the value of most diamond jewellery.

Why use DiamondLink?


Jewellers, you can now provide objective and independent comparisons among pieces, helping your clients buy better and building their trust.


As jewellery replacement costs fluctuate, it can be difficult to keep jewellery insured for the right amount. People often only discover they're under-insured when they make a claim, but DiamondLink updates any previous valuation to ensure you keep it insured for the right amount.

For insurance purposes, we recommend you use DiamondLink to update your report annually.


DiamondLink provides jewellery buyers with clear, relevant information to make buying, selling and insuring their jewellery easier.

DiamondLink is backed by the experience and expertise of The Jewellery Valuation Centre Limited: professional jewellery valuers, diamond graders and gemmologists.

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